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Chief prosecution witness returns to the stand today in Kartel trial

More gripping testimony is expected today when key prosecution witness, Lamar Chow, returns to the stand at the trial of entertainer Vybz Kartel, whose given name is Adidja Palmer, and his four co-accused. The five are charged with the August 2011 murder On Tuesday Lamar Chow testified that he and Clive Williams were taken to Kartel&;s house on Swallowfield Avenue, Kingston 19, on August 16, 2011. He said he saw accused Kahira Jones hold Mr. Williams from behind and that was when he ran and tried to lock himself into a room. He testified that he was chased by Kartel and Shawn Campbell, otherwise known as Shawn Storm, who managed to pull him out of the room. According to Mr. Chow when he went back to the living room, he saw Mr. Williams on his back, lifeless. He said he thought he was next and that was when he escaped, according to him, by climbing over the gate to the premises which is about 8 feet high. The witness testified that he made a dash up the road and when he looked behind he saw Kartel chasing him. His testimony continued that Kartel then tried to convince him that everything was ok, while explaining that a dog bit him and he needed Mr. Chow to take him to the hospital. Mr. Chow said he took him to the hospital after which Kartel paid for a taxi to take him to his home in Waterford, St. Catherine. He said that, on his arrival in Waterford, he saw Shawn Storm at his gate. He said he made enquiries about Mr. Williams and was told by Shawn Storm that if anyone asked he should say that Mr. Williams never returned in the car. The prosecution will continue its evidence in chief, following which Mr. Chow will face cross examination from the defense.