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Classes Again Disrupted At Cumberland High, Poor Student Behaviour

Classes at the Cumberland High School in St Catherine have been affected for a second straight day amid unease by teachers over poor student behaviour. Yesterday, the teachers stopped working to protest what they said was the heightened indiscipline by students. It followed a physical confrontation between the principal and a student on Friday. The teacher was disciplining the student for disobeying school rules when the student threw a stone into the back windscreen of the principal’s vehicle. The principal is alleged to have used a ruler to hit the child multiple times. Up to news time, representatives from the Education Ministry were holding talks with the teachers. St Catherine South East MP Collin Fagan is also in the meeting. Just about 20 per cent of students turned out this morning. Earlier this morning, director of safety and security for schools Coleridge Minto met with the principal and members of staff. Minto says the Education Ministry is carrying out a top level investigation into safety and security concerns as well as behavioral issues of students.