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"Popcaan Loves Kartel" Video Goes Viral

Popcaan & Vybz Kartel

Belizean radio disc jockey Remix Assassin has created a viral YouTube remix video which recaps the Popcaan and Ryno conflict at the recent staging of Sting.

The highlight of the video is Popcaan's bold claim that he loves Vybz Kartel the most.

The video has blown up on YouTube.com receiving over 20,000 views in just five days.

According to the Belizean DJ, who plays on 105.9 FM, the success of his remix is unexpected.

"I usually do remixes and when I saw the clip online I decided to do a remix. I did one with Mavado and Vybz Kartel from Sting 2008 but it never took off like this one. I don't know why this one took off so fast, maybe it is the controversy" he said.

The DJ is receiving both positive and negative comments for the video. However, he says he has nothing personal against Popcaan.

"People love it on YouTube. You have some negative comments but overall people rate it, overall a positive comments. Personally, Popcaan is my artiste, it's just a creative thing, it's not like I don't like Popcaan, it's just a musical thing, nothing personal" Remix Assassin said.

The video is called "Popcaan-Me Love Vybz Kartel The Most" and also features voices from Ryno, Vybz Kartel and Tommy Lee Sparta.

Popcaan can be heard saying "Me love Kartel the most, none a dem $%@* boy ya nuh love Kartel like me." Then Tommy Lee Sparta responds singing, "Don't sey yu love mi, man mi nuh love."

As the clip continues, Popcaan says "Mi a di baddest thing Kartel buss," then Tommy Lee responds, "Stop call mi name just fi get a forward" followed by Vybz Kartel who sings, "Unno a use mi name fi mek money but unno nuh rate Mr Palmer." The remix ends with Ryno's Sting 2012 intro singing his song Murda Addi Children.

The last viral YouTube remix video featuring Jamaican characters was done in 2011 by DJ Powa. That effort was called Nobody Canna Cross It and currently has over five million views on YouTube.com.