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Security companies pushing for extension date for new minimum wage rates

This week&;s announcement of an increase in the minimum wage for industrial security guards is not going down well with those who will have to pay the adjustment. The concern is that the effective date of January 6 is too soon for security companies to make the necessary changes to accommodate the increased payment. This is based on the traditional 30-day period given by the government for the implementation. Commander George Overton, president of the Jamaica Society for Industrial Security (JSIS) said this is bad for business. He confirmed that a meeting has been called for Monday with the Ministry of Labour, and his group will be pushing for a longer notice period. “Well, we are asking for the 30-day notification and because of the holiday period… as much as we feel that our officers deserve the money, at the end of the day it has to come from somewhere. We are really pushing for February 1,” said Commander Overton.