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Strong Reggae Fusion From Mystikal, Sizzla

The evolution of Jamaican popular music generations continued at Redbones Blues Cafe, New Kingston, over the weekend, as Mystikal Revolution Band performed with their elder, Sizzla Kolonji. Sizzla&;s elder status is, of course, relative to their youth, as the band - which has the album Divide and Rule, under its belt - is grounded in the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts. Mystikal Revolution fuses the enthusiasm of youth with the discipline of their training, making for a good audio and visual experience. Then there was the striking passion of Sizzla in the up close setting, his eyes often closed as he wrenched the emotional depth out of his songs - even as his legs did a deceptively simple looking combination of intricate steps. Added to this was Sizzla&;s accustomed reworking of familiar songs, not only delivering familiar material such as Take Myself Away on a different rhythm, but also adjusting melodies (including effective use of the falsetto) so that he did, not so much a replication, but an interpretation of his songs.