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US Government issues new Ebola protection guidelines

The United States has issued stringent protocols for health workers treating Ebola victims, directing medical teams to wear protective gear that leaves no skin or hair exposed. Under the new protocols, issued on Monday, Ebola health care workers also must undergo special training and demonstrate competence in using protective equipment. Use of the gear, now including coveralls, and single-use, disposable hoods, must be overseen by a supervisor to ensure proper procedures are followed when caring for patients with Ebola, which is transmitted through direct contact with bodily fluids. The old guidelines for health workers, based on World Health Organization protocols, said they should wear masks or goggles but allowed some skin exposure. More than 40 people exposed to the first Ebola patient diagnosed in the United States, Thomas Eric Duncan, emerged from isolation with a clean bill of health on Monday. Among those released from monitoring were the four individuals quarantined by official order - Duncan&;s fiancée and three other people who shared an apartment with him in Dallas before he was hospitalised.