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Officers from the Counter-Terrorism and Organised Crime Investigation Branch (CTOC) are now conducting a raid at the Coastal City Clothing and Shoes Wholesale store on Barry Street in downtown Kingston. Already, the officers have seized a large number of items said to be counterfeit. The police say... Read More

Latest News From The Jamaica Gleaner

  • A mouth-watering rematch between Germany and Brazil could be on the cards at the finals of the 2018 FIFA World Cup much earlier than any football fan could have anticipated.The two, who played out a 7-1 German win at the 2014 FIFA World Cup, could...
  • Prime Minister Andrew Holness has reportedly told his Cabinet colleagues that he is prepared to take tough actions to sort out the issues at Petrojam as the controversy swirling around the oil refinery could damage its market value and scupper its...
  • Jamaican women have become far more empowered and independent in recent years, but a new survey has shown that almost eight of every 10 of them still believe it is natural for a man to be the head of the household, and a woman's main role is to take...
  • Most men with a low sperm count in Jamaica are denied the opportunity of fathering a child. But with the introduction of sperm retrieval surgery in the island, scores of men are being given an opportunity to achieve their desire of fathering...
  • Jamaica's successful and internationally acclaimed vaccination programme is under threat as more parents join the anti-vaccination movement which is sweeping the United States and sections of Europe.According to vice-president of the Paediatric...
  • U.S issues warning The State Department in the U.S. have issued a worldwide travel alert to all its citizens due to the threat of Al Qaeda. The alert has been enforced from now until August 31 after intelligence suggested that al-Qaeda and other terrorist... Read More
  • Patterson for court today Marvia Patterson the woman accused of severing the head of 4-year-old Natasha Brown in Duanvale, Trelanwy is slated to appear in court today. Natasha was last seen on her way to school on May 28 and her body was later found in a 25-feet deep pit.... Read More
  • Unidentified man shot and killed An unidentified man was shot and killed by unknown assailants this morning in the vicinity of the Coronation Market in Downtown Kingston. A licensed firearm which the man had on his person was not removed by the unknown assailants. Police were... Read More
  • Deadly holiday crash Police investigators in Trelawny are probing the circumstances that led to a major holiday traffic crash on the Braco Main Road in the parish late yesterday afternoon that left three people dead. The crash happened on the Braco Main Road around 5 p.... Read More
  • 11-year-old shot dead An eleven year old girl was shot and killed and two women injured when gunmen invaded a community in West Kingston late Thursday. Tashanique James, 11, died after she was shot in the back of the head. According to police reports, shortly after 6:... Read More
  • Snowden granted asylum in Russia United States fugitive Edward Snowden thanked Russia for granting him political asylum for a year after he left the transit zone of the airport today, his lawyer stated. The whereabouts of the National Security Agency leaker was not released and... Read More