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Officers from the Counter-Terrorism and Organised Crime Investigation Branch (CTOC) are now conducting a raid at the Coastal City Clothing and Shoes Wholesale store on Barry Street in downtown Kingston. Already, the officers have seized a large number of items said to be counterfeit. The police say... Read More

Latest News From The Jamaica Gleaner

  • Girls sitting in the laps of boys while riding public transport to and from school is not a new phenomenon, but Glen Bromfield, chief executive officer of the Medallion Hall Hotel, who is also a transport operator, has expressed concern that a stop...
  • "I've known only suffering these past few years, and I didn't call it down on myself. I was only doing my job." This is the plight of Lydia James*, a nurse and mother of five who has been living with HIV since September 2007 when she was stuck in...
  • The National Water Commission (NWC) is looking to pull in a further $34 billion in revenue annually by hiking the rates it charges its customers.The NWC has applied to the Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) for a 23 per cent average increase in...
  • Jamaican authorities are cracking down on the practice of one parent abducting a child and moving away with him or her as an act of spite against the other parent.Problems and solutions surrounding the matter have been items of discussion since...
  • The six-year-old architecture firm Atelier Vidal is no stranger to success, having copped the 2014 Governor General Award for Resort Design. However, while drafting what may become Jamaica's next Parliament building is no picnic, coming out on top...
  • Modernise the practice of probate and administration of estates in Jamaica As the government continues its move to modernise the practice of probate and administration of estates in Jamaica, Justice Minister Senator Mark Golding, has disclosed that the law is to be amended so that a child in the womb can be recognised as a... Read More
  • UNDP seeks commissioners Justice Minister Mark Golding says, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has been working alongside the Government to identify potential commissioners. He says the organisation has provided the names of some international candidates from... Read More
  • Mugabe lashes out at Obama Robert Mugabe has blasted Barack Obama's stance on homosexuals ahead of the Zimbabwe elections. Mugabe repeated his claim that homosexuals were "worse than pigs and dogs" and criticized the Americans' linking of aid contributions to countries' human... Read More
  • Slight increase in gas prices: Jamaica Effective tomorrow all gas prices except for E10-90 and E10-87 gasolene prices will increase. . A litre of E10-90 gasolene will be sold for $116.91 while E10-87 will be sold for $115.26 following a $0.05 decrease in its price. A litre of automotive... Read More
  • TAJ power outage affects operations The Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ) says that low power outage has affected operations at its King Street Revenue Service Centre (RSC) downtown Kingston. As a result there is a temporary halt of all services at the location as the Jamaica Public... Read More
  • JFLAG condems killing The Jamaica Forum for Lesbians and Gays has called on the public to aid the police in their investigation into the murder of 17-year-old Cross-Dresser Dwayne Jones in Irwin, St. James. On its Facebook page, today, JFLAG posted a picture and called... Read More